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Survival Tinder

Survival tinder, quite simply, is any form of tinder that is most ideal for survival and which has the following characteristics:


*Ignites only when prompted, as opposed to spontaneous combustion.


*Ability to sustain reasonable damage.


*Can ignite in extreme weather.


*Ignites into fire that is easily contained.


*Burns efficiently.


Also, the characteristic of being manufactured, as opposed to organic, can be considered an ideal term for survival tinder. For survival, you will undoubtedly do well to use whatever tinder is available. However, manufactured tinder implies preparedness as it is highly unlikely that you will pack organic tinder like fungi, lint, dry pine needles and birch bark to name a few, in your survival pack.


Prompted Ignition


Spontaneous combustion puts both you and the environment in danger. Moreover, if the tindercombusts before it is needed, it becomes useless in emergency situations. Shaved magnesium is a great form of tinder, but its extreme volatility makes it vulnerable to spontaneous combustion. In its bar form, magnesium is more ideal for survival. sells magnesium in its tablet form, which you can use for tinder as well as a vitamin.


Extreme Weather and Efficiency


You can never be sure of your environment in an emergency, so you must be prepared for the worst. You need tinder that can withstand extreme weather and that can be used for as long as possible. For instance, tinder that will not freeze in extreme cold, and that can be ignited even when it is wet from rain is ideal. has a wide variety of survival tinder, including an Ultimate Survival brand product that can withstand high winds, altitudes and downpours; it actually burns longer when wet. It is also very efficient, burning longer than other types of tinder andrequiring only a small quantity.


Fire Containment


If you need to survive in the woods, or other environment susceptible to fires, you will need tinder that creates controlled fires. Because of its light weight, paper tinder tends to create fires that spread widely and quickly as its embers are easily carried long distances by the wind. This could be devastating in a forested area. sells products that feature these characteristics and more. You can add a variety of types and brands of survival tinder to your survival pack by shopping at this site.


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